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Model 430

Model 430 Mamma Biopsy Phantom



Testing of new needles and education of young colleagues may cause unnecessary inconvenience to the patients. The biopsy phantom was developed to minimize problems of this kind.


The phantom contains:

Three spheres of 10 mm in diameter and

Seven spheres of 6 mm in diameter.


The attenuation of the background is about 0,5 dB/cm*MHz.

The sound velocity is 1540 m/sec.

The material of the lesions contains red dye, so that it can be identified even in fine needle biopsies. When thin needles are used, up to thousand biopsies can be taken from this phantom. After a biopsy, air may be trapped in the biopsy canal just as in patients. But in the phantom it may take a few days to disappear.


Dimensions: 14 * 14 * 7 cm. Weight: 0,9 kg

Background mass: Sound speed 1540 m/sec. Attenuation, back scattering and density: not specified.

Objects: Sound speed and density as background.


Handle with care!

The phantom is made of hydrogel, handle with care.
Use scanning jelly. The lifetime is dependent on the mechanical load.

Select a lesion.

Take a biopsy from the lesion.

Look at the color of the biopsy to see if the biopsy was taken from the expected lesion.


After use replace it in the box, and make sure that the surface is covered with preservation fluid.

Once every month inspect the phantom.

The surface must always be covered with 1/2 - 1 cm preservative fluid.  Fluid that disappears by desiccation should be replaced by distilled water.

Once every 3 month replace the preservative fluid.

Please notice that the lid may not be 100 % tight. Drain fluid off before transportation, but never let it stay dry more than a few days.

The phantom will not stand frost. Safe storage temperature: 0 - 45 degrees Celsius.

Prescription for preservative fluid:

   906 ml Distilled Water

   94 ml Glycerol (85 %) or 65 g PEG MW400

   5 g  Acnibio OCS

   1 g Citric ascid