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Model 523

Model 523, the Doll Head Phantom




This phantom is for 3-D reconstruction of US images.




An echo rich copy of a doll head is placed in an echo poor background.




Outer dimensions: 17 * 18,5 * 18,5 cm. Weight: 4,5 kg. The size of the Doll Head is about 138 ml, it can be specified with 1 decimal. Background mass: Sound speed 1500 m/sec +/-15 m/sec. Attenuation, backscattering and density: not specified.




Use large amount of scanning jelly or if the transducer can tolerate it, just water, or the preservative fluid. Avoid pressing the transducer into the phantom.




Once every month inspect the phantom.

The surface must always be covered with 1/2 - 1 cm preservative fluid.  Fluid that disappears by desiccation should be replaced by distilled water.

Once every 3 month replace the preservative fluid.

Please notice that the lid may not be 100 % tight. Drain fluid off before transportation, but never let it stay dry more than a few days.

The phantom will not stand frost. Safe storage temperature: 0 - 45 degrees Celsius.



Prescription for Preservative Fluid

-500 ml Distilled Water

- 2,5 g Acnibio OCS

- 0,5 g Citric ascid