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Model 590

Dead zone phantom with 0,1 mm glass spheres


Description and specifications:

·        Dimensions: 10 cm wide, 2 cm high and 3 cm deep.

·        The phantom mass is made of plastic. I contains 1000 glass spheres with a diameter of 100 micron pr. cm3 .

·        Attenuation of background material: high.

·        Sound speed of background material: ~1450 m/sec.

·        Outer dimensions: 18 cm * 6 cm * 9 cm.

·        Weight: 0,4 kg.



·        Use large amount of scanning jelly or if the transducer can tolerate it, just water.

·        Optimize the focus to the near field.

·        Move the transducer slowly from side to side.

·        Notice the distance to the closest glass spheres that can be distinguished.


·        After use: Rinse with water and let dry.